Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well, we seem to have survived Christmas. The not sharing and not listening has not been too bad. I think partly because they don't have much to not share. We really limited their individual gifts. I think Maicol's remote control car still works. Andrews does too. Juan has lost his Nerf gun on and off, but it still works and he can still locate a couple of darts, so that's pretty good for him. Maicol and Juan wore their new dress clothes to church this morning. They really like dressing up.
I played Candyland with Juan and Maicol last night. Juan did really well. He has played Chutes and Ladders, but didn't do very well. He has trouble with the counting and paying attention for the period of time it takes to complete the game. Candyland was much better. He was able to move his player to the colors, and it didn't take too long to finish the game. He even played a couple of short games of Uno with Maicol and I and did pretty well.
They have had a pretty good week. We managed to ride bikes a few times. Maicol and Juan were out riding today. It was just too cold for me tho. Dan took them to the Children's Museum Monday, but it was very crowded so they didn't get to do much. We used some of their Christmas money to buy a membership for the year, so we can go back later.
Lots of working to be done tomorrow. Bethany will be babysitting, so let's hope they are all still happy by the end of the day!
Have a good last day of 2007.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our First Christmas

Well, we've almost survived our first Christmas together. :) It has been alot like we thought it would be - fun, but mucho "mine, mine, mine". We only gave them 3 individual gifts and the rest were either for everyone or they all got the same thing. Juan managed to break his and Maicol's remote control car in the first hour. He also managed to use his Nerf gun inappropriately and lost it for the day. And that was just the first hour! Juan was probably the most excited. He was the first one up and could hardly contain himself. They woke Andrew up, so he was a little confused at the beginning I think. Maicol had a good time and I hope the day was what he was hoping for.
Dan took them for a long bike ride and a trip to the playground to try to get some of the "mine's" out of them. Not sure it helped, but it didn't hurt. They played outside some and rode the 4-wheeler.
Jonathan came last night and stayed over. We made it to the 7:30pm Christmas Eve service last night, took them to see a light display and then came home to have Dan's birthday cake. It was nice to have all of our children here for Christmas. We managed a meal together and have just hung out together most of the day.
Hope your day was memorable.

New clothes - just what he and Maicol wanted - really! They love to dress up.

Spiderman slippers!

What's going on?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Riding the Heat Wave

Our good friend Frosty is gone. :( The boys have been lamenting the loss of the snow and their snowman. They were trying to replace Frosty's eyes, arms, etc today as he melted away and they fell off. Their constant question is, of course: when will it snow again? Maicol very carefully watches the weather forecast and listens for the word snow. He wants to know what the colors on the weathermap mean so he can see if there is snow coming.
It was in the 50's today, so of course we had to ride bikes. Anytime it's at least 32 degrees Maicol wants to ride bikes. Actually, he wants to ride his bike no matter what the temperature, but I have my limits! There were a few little piles of snow they could ride through, which is evidently great fun.
Not much going on. Playing, eating, house cleaning, baths. I finished the Christmas shopping last night after work. Now we just need to get ready for Dan's birthday on Monday. The boys are very excited about it. I think that part of the excitement also might be the fact that the day after is Christmas. :)
Have a good evening.

Frosty: the boys first full size snowman.

Frosty: on his way out in a heat wave.

Frosty: Muerto!

Riding bikes to take our minds off the loss of our good friend, Frosty!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snow Adventures

Here are some of our adventures in the snow the last couple of days. They got to go sledding two days in a row. Today Dan helped them make a snowman. He is obviously much more talented in that area than I. :) They really love the snow. The first time it was cool here (50's) they complained a little about being cold, but since then they have rarely complained. Occasionally they will say they are cold, but it doesn't seem to matter to them. They love the snow and if that means it will be cold they don't care.
We went to the lab today to have their blood tests done. I had really dreaded going, but they all did fantastic. No tears and no fussing at all! There was a couple in the waiting room and I heard the wife tell her husband that he fusses more than they did. I don't think he agreed, but it was funny. We also finished the three days of stool specimens. We wanted to write something more about it, but Bethany didn't think that was a good idea. :) It has been quite an experience tho.
Not much else going on. We got some Christmas shopping done tonight. Jonathan has the gifts at his house, so we are going to have to get together before next Tuesday and get things wrapped. He didn't volunteer to do it. :)
Have a good night.

Back up the hill. Andres taking the easy way.
This is what happens when you go sledding during naptime.

Snow Angel?

Snow Angel?

Sunday, December 16, 2007


We didn't get as much snow as we were hoping for, but I guess it will have to do. I think we ended up with about 5 or 6 inches. It was beautiful this morning when we got up. It was still snowing and the wind was causing drifts. The pine trees are really pretty with the heavy snow and ice on them. Juan thinks it is "mucho snow", so he's happy.
We went to the later church service this morning, had lunch and then came home to prepare for sledding. There's a park with good hills that is fun to go to. There were alot of people there and we had a really good time. Maicol found someone who would let him use a snowboard and help him get started. He did very well and of course wants one now. :) Juan made many trips up and down. I rode with Andres. He was happy until he had gone through his second pair of gloves and his hands were pretty cold. We stayed there a little over an hour. They are hoping Dan will take them again tomorrow.
Bethany is home and Maicol and Juan have been very excited to have her here. Andres is not so sure. He doesn't want to look at or talk to her. Not sure what's going on there. He saw her for over a week less than a month ago, so it's not like she's someone new. Maybe he doesn't like her coming and going? If I'm not here she says he's a little better with her, but when I'm home he only wants me. I guess I'm not sure he understands that she is his sister.
It's off to work tomorrow, so enjoy the pictures (cause there won't be anything tomorrow).

Putting Andre's gloves on AGAIN.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Semi-Productive Day

We had a semi-productive day today. Dan had a job which took most of the day. I packed up the boys and went to the Social Security Office to apply for their SS cards. All in all it went very well. They were very good while we waited for our turn and they processed our paperwork. We made a couple of other stops and then came home to ride bikes. Anyone else still riding bikes for fun in 34 degree weather? I think we're the only crazy ones. :) After we came in they helped do some house cleaning and had a really good time racing cars up and down the hallway. No naps today, so everyone was in bed and asleep by 9pm. Yeah!
Here's a picture of Maicol getting his most recent haircut from his own personal stylist. His hair is so coarse and thick Dan can cut it with the clippers.
Looking forward to our winter storm this weekend!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy. When Jonathan stayed with them a couple of weeks ago he took them to the park. It looks like they had a good time. He was over last night for dinner and then a few rounds of Hide & Seek in the house.
The main talk around our house is how many days it is until Christmas and how many days until Papa's birthday. Papa's birthday is the 24th, so of course they are anxiously awaiting it since Christmas is the next day. Maicol is the only one who has mentioned what gifts he would like. Both he and Juan want dress clothes - pants, shirt, tie, vest, etc. They really like to get dressed up to go to church. Juan just keeps asking how many days and Andres says "Santa Claus" every time he sees a picture of him. His vocabulary is expanding rapidly. He even put together a two word sentence last night, so his language is coming along quickly.
We are anxiously awaiting Bethany's arrival for Christmas break. She'll be home on friday. Juan is particularly interested in when she is coming, but I'm not sure why. I'm not sure he know either. :)
They had a hard time getting to sleep tonight. I came home from work right after Dan had put them to bed, so that didn't help. They had to get up and see me and were very talkative. It's never good when you put all three to bed at the same time. Too easy to get into trouble. We threated to have a no TV/computer day tomorrow, so we'll see if that helps.
Maicol and Juan Pablo tell me there is going to be snow on Saturday, so they are very excited. Hope the weatherman is right again. :)


Jonathan & Andres at the park.
Maicol on the rock climbing wall at the park.

All dressed up to go to church at Grandma's.

At church for Thanksgiving lunch.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

More Snow

We were blessed with an additional 3 inches of snow on Wednesday night. If you know me, you know I do mean "blessed". I love the snow, but hate the cold. Too bad they seem to come together. The boys have been out at least once a day, if not twice the last 4 days. Dan took them to a park yesterday to go sledding. We've done some sledding down our next door neighbors driveway, but it's not the same as a big hill. They thought it was mucho fun! We tried to make snowmen today. We managed a small one and then later Maicol and Juan worked together to make a larger one. It's amazing that for children who have no experience with snow they know alot about it. Making snow angels, snowball fights, and making snowmen. Maicol sent Juan to collect things for the snowmans face, arms and buttons. It was very cute. We're expecting rain for the next few days, so this was the last day to play in the snow for awhile.

The snow has been our big excitement the last few days. We had our first post placement visit from the social worker this week. That went ok, I guess. The boys also had their first visit to the doctor for physicals. We need to get their labwork done before we go back in two weeks to complete the second part of their assessment. That should be great fun. :) From the experience of having their TB test placed, it sounds like Juan will be the most resistant. Oh well, some things you just have to do.

Everyone is in bed and asleep. Time for a little rest for the Mama and Papa.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


This morning I got up early and found Juan Pablo and Andrew on the couch covered up in blankets to keep warm and looking bored. I knew they could not have looked out the window. When they looked at me I looked out the patio door and drew Juan's gaze with mine. He immediately leapt off the couch and started jumping up and down screaming "snow! snow! snow!" Then he made a mad dash into the bedroom to wake Maicol with the exciting news. They were all ready to run outside to play immediately. Of course none of us were quite ready for that, so I reached out the door for a snowball to show them. Maicol's goal for the last few weeks has been to throw a snowball so I let him throw it out the back door. The boys escaped outside before I was quite ready. Not having experienced snow, they thought they were ready. They didn't quite understand that there is a price to be paid for the beauty of snow. In just a few minutes Andrew came in covered with snow and bawling his eyes out. At first I assumed his brothers had done something to him, but he just held out his hands and cried "cold!" So I spent the next few minutes warming him up and finished getting myself ready. When we finally did make it outside the first order of business was to pelt Papa with a few snowballs. We then got some sleds out and went sledding down the neighbor's steep driveway. The boys spent the rest of the day with Papa picking up garage door stuff, visiting Mama at work and replacing a neighbor's garage door springs. It was after dark when we got home, but Maicol had to end the day making a snow angel in the front yard. And of course the other two then had to do the same. All in all it was a pretty good "first snow" experience.
Well, I better get to bed. Our first post-adoption home visit by a social worker is first thing in the morning.

Night ya'll,


Tuesday, December 4, 2007



10. I don't know. (when Maicol can't remember how to say something in Spanish:)

9. No comprendo. (when they don't like what Mama or Papa says)

8. Me no like! (when we have something to eat they've never tried before)

7. Bichicle? (when they want to go out to ride bikes - no matter what the weather)

6. Cuando snow? or Por que no snow? (When is it going to snow or why hasn't it snowed?)

5. Mira or Look Andres! (Look at what Andres is doing to get into trouble.)

4. Just a minute. (when Maicol isn't ready to get off the computer or Andres repeats it
when it is said to him)

3. Chi chi (gotta go to the potty - combined with the grabbing of the crotch)

2. Mine (whenever anyone even looks at something that belongs to them)

1. Don't touch! (used 100 times a day by everyone in the family, but primarily when "mine" doesn't work)

They use more English everyday and I am afraid in the process are forgetting their Spanish. Maicol is beginning to have trouble recalling words in Spanish. Juan still uses Spanish primarily, but is beginning to mix in some English without being prompted. Andres just repeats whatever he hears.

We are anticipating our first measurable snowfall tonight. The boys are really counting on the weatherman to be right, so I hope he is this time (although I do not look forward to driving to work in the morning in it).

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Dan & Karen