Saturday, September 13, 2014

7 Years

On August 27 we celebrated seven years since we became parents to three little boys from Colombia.  Hard to believe it's been that long.  At times it seems like yesterday and other times it seems like there was never a time we were not their parents.  We went out for ice cream to celebrate.  Not a big deal, but an acknowledgement of the anniversary.  In the beginning holidays and celebrations were very difficult for them and while that is not the case so much now we have continued to keep our celebrations low key.  We talked about what they were like then and watched videos of our first few days as a family.
  For us their coming into our family was a joyous occasions.  One that we had worked hard to make happen in a short period of time.  For them it was scary.  Talking to Maicol recently he remembers that he was told about one week before we came that they were going to be adopted and going to America.  Juan Pablo remembers being scared and when we watch the video of our first meeting he has a smile on his face, but looks nervous and scared.  Andrew remembers nothing, but loves to watch the videos.  At two years of age, I'm not sure he could really understand what was happening.  They got haircuts and said good-bye to their friends and classmates.  They put a change of clothes in a bag to bring with them and were introduced to their new parents who would take them to a new country to live.  What a scary thing!  But, they have met the challenge and are thriving.  They aren't perfect kids (and we're not perfect parents) and they have their struggles - some related to their difficult start in life and some plain old kid things, but it has been an amazing journey thus far.  To watch them learn a new language, adapt to a new culture, understand that they are in this family permanently, grow physically, spiritually and academically, see their gifts and talents emerge, and build memories has been something we could not have imagined when we first began this process of growing our family through adoption.  What an adventure it has been!
  In one more year we will have passed the milestone in which we have been their parents longer than we have not.  Another milestone with many more to come.

A "THEN" and "NOW" picture.