Thursday, April 22, 2010


It is spring! We have been loving being able to get outdoors to play. Everyone goes to sleep easily at night and they even stay in bed in the morning a little later so that Mom has a little more time to get things done. We are back to bike riding, jumping on the trampoline, taking walks, playing at various parks and just being outdoors. We are back to roasting hot dogs and marshmallows in the backyard too.

We made another trip to Grandma's to visit and get to play with the cousins for a couple of days. It was a good trip. Not too much fussing about the ride and we had great weather to get outdoors while we were there. My sister has 3 boys with two of them being right between ours so it works out perfectly. I get to see my sister and mom and Dan gets to rest. Well, except for this time - he spent most of his time cutting down firewood and moving and stacking it.

Our other excitement was Maicol having appendicitis. He woke up one morning with pain in just the right place. We went to the ER at 9am and by 3pm he was in a room minus his appendix. He ended up staying two days. Quite an adventure for all of us. He is the most healthy of the three. Rarely even gets a sore throat, so this was a new experience for him. He did very well and is now back to doing whatever he wants. And now we know where that tax refund check is going! :)

We are having more and more good days at our house. Not perfect, but then we never expected that. But, there is much more desire to do what Mom asks, do schoolwork without complaining and just in general it seems they are more content. We still have our times of uphappiness, but they are fewer and even when things don't go well it is short-lived. When previously we would have had all-day problems, now they are just a few minutes to an hour problem and then it is over and we can move on. Not sure what it is - maybe enough time has passed that they feel safe? Whatever it is, we hope and pray it continues.

Nothing else very exciting. Here are a few pictures of our trip to Grandma's.

The Three Amigos.
Playing a very important game of badmitton on the sand volleyball court. At least there is something to do while you wait for your turn.


Juan Pablo