Sunday, February 20, 2011

The $80.40 Lego

Catchy title huh? This is the Lego arm that cost us $80.40, two doctor visits, crying on Andrew's part and lots of aggrevation on our part. Andrew has put other objects in his ear, but this is the one that we couldn't get out. We tried and we tried some more, but it would not budge. We ended up at the ENT office where it was removed quickly. You would think he had learned his lesson, but no. He has since put a stick in his ear, but we were able to remove it. When, oh when will he stop this?!!

Lots of fun since our last update. In January we went to a state park for a couple of days. They have an indoor pool and "water park" which is of course the main reason to go. It was nice to get away for a few days, even though none of us felt great. Juan Pablo lost his lunch before we left, I was sick the night before and everyone was a little under the weather, but we went anyway and had a good time.

Dan and the boys working on a puzzle. Juan Pablo really likes doing them. This was a new puzzle we took to the park with us.

Maicol and his igloo. This started as a pile of snow from the snowplow and Maicol worked it into an igloo. He dug it out from the inside and continued to add snow to the outside. It was big enough for him to stretch out and lay down in before it got too warm. The boys all jumped on it to demolish it before it was melted by the sun.

Andrew doing the dreaded "putting the silverware away" job. He absolutely hates doing this job. We don't know why. It's a quick and easy job, but he really dislikes doing it. He will happily do the other boys jobs, but he will procrastinate doing his own job.

We have had a fantastic warm-up this week and have been able to get outside and play without spending 10 minutes bundling everyone up. We took a trail at a local park, played on the playground and of course had to take a few pictures. It was sooooo nice to be outside!

Maicol looking very cool.
Our little "tree hugger".

Maicol, Juan Pablo and Andrew.

School is going well. We haven't taken any days off since the first of January and they are doing very well. Maicol is learning to write book reports. Writing and spelling are a struggle for him, so this is quite a stretch and he of course is not happy about doing it. He would much rather do math.
Everyone is doing well. Lots more "Yes, Mom" 's. :) I was talking to Maicol recently and he told me that he now believes that he is here to stay. He has been thinking for over 3 years now that at some point we would be sending him back! He told us after a few months that he knew we would be sending him back. No amount of us reassuring him that we love him and would and could not do that helped. It seems that the passage of time (and maybe the reassurance from us) that has cemented this for him. Whatever it is, I was so glad to hear it. But, how sad that he has been thinking that for so long.
That's it for now. Thanks for reading.