Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 2010

Here's the month of May (in reverse order) since of course I forgot to upload the pictures in the correct order. :) We have had great weather and have been able to do some visiting this month, so lots of pictures.

Our neighborhood pool opened this weekend and of course we had to be there the first day. As I recall, last year it was cool and cloudy, but the boys insisted it was fine for swimming and had to go. They shivered. This year it is nearly 90, sunny and no wind, so great weather for swimming. Juan Pablo could barely hold his head up to eat dinner tonight he was so tired from playing and swimming. They were very excited to show me that all of them can now all do a front flip off the diving board. I did get some video, but it wouldn't load for me, so here are a couple of action shots.

We made a trip to my Mom's this past week. The weather, once again, was fantastic. My sister and two of her boys came and we had a great time. Andrew managed to find an almost deceased butterly. And if it isn't deceased by the time he is finished handling anything it probably will be. There were other pictures of them holding various little creatures, but I decided to spare you. Suffice it to say Andrew and Juan Pablo love to pick up anything dead or alive and want to take a picture so - "we can remember". And I much prefer a picture to keeping the real thing. :)

We also made a stop at the church camp where I went as a kid. Dan and I actually lived there for a few months when we were first married. He worked there and I was still in xray school. It certainly has changed in the past 25+ years! We are hoping that Maicol might go to a week of camp there this summer. The pictures are of a rope swing that lets you swing across the stream that runs though the camp. All the kids loved it (including Dan).

Andrew was finally able to use his birthday present. A slip n slide race set. He and Juan Pablo had a blast! Anything that involves water and racing has to be fun.

We are coming up on the last week of Upwards soccer. Maicol and Juan Pablo played. Andrew has to be one year older, so next year they can all play. Although Maicol told us that he is considering not playing next year because the Saturday morning games cause him to miss cartoons! What kind of Colombian would let cartoons interfere with playing soccer?!

If I could only get them to do chores like this all the time! I think I sent one to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer and somehow they all got involved. They look awfully happy to be helping.....

We made a trip to the Children's Museum. We have a membership, but still don't go as often as we should. Can anyone explain to me why I have to drive 45 minutes to a museum so they can play video games?

This is from the Egypt exhibit. A crocodile on the Nile.

We also made a trip to see Dan's Mom and Dad. After that we went on to see a friend of mine. She lives on a farm and one of the things they have right now are baby goats. The boys had a great time playing with them and just playing outside in general. Once again we had nearly perfect weather to be outside.

We're still trying to get the usual stuff in too! School is going ok. I never accomplish everything I would like to for school, but I keep on trying. There has been lots of playing outside and jumping on the trampoline.
The traveling we have done with the boys has been much better. Even a year ago they still didn't handle going new places well. Anything new was always difficult for everyone. This spring they have done really well. Even going to see my friend (whom they had not met) went smoothly. Yeah!
Last week I painted their bathroom and the great room and hallway. Not a drastic change in color, but a change. Maicol's first words were "I don't like it". I know he doesn't like anything to change and that it wasn't the color he was unhappy with, but the fact that it had changed. I was able to gently point that out to him and it agreed, smiled and was happily on his way. Wow! He has come a long way! (and so have I).
Until next time.