Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Adventures of Juan Pablo and Andrew

I don't have any pictures, but I really wanted to get in writing the things these two have been up to so I can embarass them when they get older. :)

Last week Juan Pablo told me he had a "good idea" for he and Andrew to do. He just needed a cup with some water. Upon further investigation I discovered what his "good idea" was. He was going to take Andrew's little plastic tricycle (which has a storage compartment under the seat) out to the street, put dirt in the storage compartment, add water and make "chocolate milk" and offer it to people driving by. I nixed that idea (or so I thought). When I went to check on them, he had indeed put dirt in there and talked Andrew into getting a glass out of the kitchen for water and was getting ready to mix the "chocolate milk".

On Mother's day as we were eating dinner at home with everyone Andrew went to the bathroom. Knowing that if it takes him very long he is up to no good I went to check on him. He had evidently "finished his business", but for unexplained reasons (at the time) had had his hand in the toilet. I proceeded to flush the toilet and scrub up his hands. On the way back to the table he told me he "wanted his pennies back". You know where they are - don't you? Flushed with his "business".

Also on Mother's day Andrew came in very proud of himself because Juan Pablo was helping him be a clown. Juan had opened the empty ash bucket (from emptying the wood stove) that was outside (but still had a few residual ashes in it) and rubbed white ashes all over Andrew to make him white and then found a red marker and colored his nose red. They were quite proud of themselves. At least it washed off pretty easily.

Yesterday I had put some things out on the kitchen counter for them to smell as we are working on the five senses in science. I didn't get that done, but had not put things back away. As I walked past the front door I thought I smelled maple syrup. Sure enough, Andrew had found the small bottle of maple flavoring, poured it out on the front porch and proceeded to make hand and footprints on the porch and had smeared some on his body also. Juan Pablo had joined in the fun too. I gave them a bowl of water, soap and toothbrushes to scrub it off. They had a great time doing that and of course wanted more and more water.

What are they thinking????