Saturday, October 23, 2010

Moths, Spiders, Grandma's and Football

I have tired to blog a couple of times and couldn't get the pictures to load. I finally checked under the Help tab and it was an easy fix. Why didn't I do that sooner?

School has been going pretty well. None of them ever get up and say "I can't wait to start school!", but there is less complaining. We also seem to just in general be getting closer to "normal". More and more the behaviors we deal with are typical kid things and not so much attachment/adoption issues. There are still moments, but they are generally that - just moments.

So, here's what has been going on at our house this month. I have pictures for everything except one. Probably about 3 weeks ago Juan Pablo came running home from the neighbors house and said "Andrew ate a moth!". I wasn't sure if I should believe him or not - he does have a tendency to exaggerate. Andrew wasn't too far behind him. When I asked him about it he gave me a kind of sick look and nodded his head yes. Evidently he was trying to impress the neighbor boys. From what I understand he only ate about half of it. :) (and I was assured it was dead before he took the first bite) They really never do fail to surprise us.

We spent one day a couple of weeks ago learning about spiders. We colored spider pictures, made finger puppets to sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider to, did search a word puzzles, made a spider out of pipe cleaners, drew a spider web with cool metallic markers and learned about spiders. We also went out into the yard and looked for spiders and webs. There were lots of pictures taken of spiders, but I will spare you most of that. We did find a spider right in our front yard that had a great web. The boys actually found a couple of bugs for him (or her) and basically put them into the web. We got to watch him wrap them up and save them to eat later. Yucky, but cool also.

Juan Pablo with his activities.
Andrew with all of his things.


This is the spider we watched in our front yard.

We have had fantastic weather and have spent as many afternoons as possible outside. These are pictures from the park in our neighborhood. We went down to see how low the reservoir is and then played on the playground.
Juan Pablo


We made a trip to Grandma's house. As usual the weather was wonderful. We spent time playing in the yard and also walking in the woods.
Eating ice cream bars. One of their favorite things about going to Grandma's. :)

Maicol playing catch with Grandma. He has suddenly become very interested in baseball. Since I am from southern Ohio and followed the Reds he has become interested in them and has loved watching them on TV.

Walking in the woods. Not sure what Dan was pointing out, but they were certainly interested.

Today we finished Upwards flag football. Maicol is the only one that played. He absolutely loved it. They had a championship and his team came in second. It was a close game. He can't wait for next year. He had a wonderful coach. We hope to have him next year.
Maicol as quarterback. Getting ready to take the ball from the center.

Team picture. Maicol is on the far left.