Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where did June go?

Not sure what happened to June - but I'm sure it was wonderful! I just can't remember. :) We have spent everyday at the pool after we have whined our way through school. I hate, hate, hate whining! But, it just seems that we "need" to do some everyday. It certainly decreases as time goes on, but it just won't seem to leave our house.

Maicol spent a week at church camp the end of June. I think he had only been away from home for one night a couple of times, so a whole week was a long time. He went knowing no one and seemed to have a good time. He wants to go back, but not right now. He said it was "long". His brothers really, really missed him. We took the week off from school and spent it cleaning out the garage and attic. It was so nice to get rid of alot of junk and we hope to one day soon get a car in the garage! :)

The biggest news is Maicol celebrated his 11th birthday. We were able to avoid Chuck E Cheese and went bowling instead. I think it is something we will do again. The "big kids" came too, and it was fun. Maicol was thrilled because he beat Mom one game. Of course he had help with bumpers, but he did still win.

We're off to St. Louis tomorrow. Excited to get away for the weekend and see some other Colombia families.


The birthday boy and his brothers.


Andrew and Jonathan

Opening his gifts. We gave him a bow and arrow (suction cups). Hopefully safe enough for a boy who still has trouble controlling himself.

The brothers keeping a close eye on the gifts as they are opened.

Juan Pablo