Saturday, December 25, 2010

Catching Up

Lots of pictures and the "blog" at the end.

A snow "igloo".

Opening gifts.

Juan Pablo's birthday.

Maicol snowboarding.

Juan Pablo.


The monkeys.

Where to begin? Since I last blogged we have celebrated Juan Pablo's 9th birthday, had Thanksgiving, our first snow and now Christmas. Lots of pictures taken and lots of life going on. School continues to go ok - not great, but not terrible. The workboxes have helped, but they still would just rather play than work (imagine that!). They are learning tho - Juan Pablo is turning out to be a good reader. I must admit I thought he would never learn the basic letter sounds, but once he "got" it he has done very well. We have discovered that Maicol really likes history. While he generally doesn't like to read, he loves to read history and also the sports section of the newspaper. Football is the main attraction right now as the Colts try to make it into the post season. Andrew has started asking for the comics and will study them very carefully. I'm not sure he understands much and he can't read enough to actually read the captions, but he really seems to enjoy looking at them. He also seems to have the best sense of humor. He's our funny guy.

We spent as much time as possible outdoors in the fall knowing that it would get too cold to be outside on a daily basis. Being inside all day makes for long days sometimes. We have made one trip to a state park with an indoor pool and will be going to another next weekend. They love swimming and we like to get away a little when the weather is cold and we can't get outside as much. We also made a trip to see Grandparents.

We have been sledding a couple of times. We have been fortunate enough to have a decent amount of snow and it hasn 't been too cold. Dan isn't much for sledding, so I go and take the boys. We have a blast! I do hate getting up the next morning after I've climbed back up the hill 20 or 30 times. :) They have been playing "snow football" in the yard. This consists of using a football, rolling around in the snow and Maicol tackling and knocking the other two to the ground. Then when your snowsuit, gloves and hat are soaking wet you come inside. They have little headlamps they wear on their heads, so they mostly play this in the dark.

We had Grandma, cousins, Aunt Mary and Uncle Terre and the "big kids" for Thanksgiving. Lots of food and fun. The boys in general play together well and the adults get to play games.