Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wow! Where did the time go? Last time I blogged was more than two months ago. Here's what has been going on.

In February we did a one day study about snakes. My boys just love animals, and so much of our study of science involves animals. The more dangerous and likely they are to hurt or eat you the better! We read, talked, drew, made, did puzzles and pretended to be snakes. For one activity I put them in their sleeping bags and made them wiggle out of them without using their hands. Sort of like smakes shedding their too small skin.

Maicol painting his wooden snake.

In late February we went to spend a few days with the Beadle family. We love going to see them! They are our "twins". The boys love playing together and the moms love talking. They let us come and just hang out with them all day. The days spent with them are some of the best of the year for us. Too bad we don't live closer.

We went out to eat together Sunday after church. With their oldest son there that's 9 males and Phyllis and I. That's alot of boy!

Andrew and Dima.

Juan Pablo and Pasha.

One final shot of all of us.

Got milk?

We spent a day in March having fun for Andrew's birthday. He still loves Chuck E Cheese, so we went there. Everyone had a good time and the staff were generous in doling out the prizes. We also went to McDonald's for Happy Meals, playing and then off to spend a little birthday cash. It was a nice day off from school for everyone.

Juan Pablo playing the "gorilla" game. You hold onto the two metal handles which vibrate and a little puff of smoke comes out of his head. He and Andrew just love this thing and they always get a few tickets for holding on until the end.

Andrew and Juan Pablo.

Andrew and his Spiderman cake. He turned 6 in March. I can't believe we are now on our 4th "round" of birthdays with the boys. The big kids came over and we had dinner and cake. Andrew only really likes the icing, so I gave him a piece of cake, but ended up just letting him eat the leftover icing.

Jonathan and Kristin. Not the best picture of them, but I had to include it with this announcement. We are going to be grandparents! In November we will enter grandparenthood. I thought grandparents were "old" people. :)

And here is our other exciting news. Our daughter is going to be married! She and Allen are planning a Labor Day weekend wedding. So we're adding a son-in-law to our familiy.

We did the Easter egg dyeing thing yesterday. Whomever thought of using wire whisks to hold eggs to dip them in the dye was a genius! Those little wire things that come in the kits are useless. Only problem is I need one more. Got to have three of everything you know. The boys took turns coloring eggs and playing computer, so it worked out good.

It has been rainy, rainy and rainy here, so I was not planning on hiding eggs. It did at least stop raining in the afternoon and so after much begging and pleading on the boys' part we did put some eggs out for them to look for. Either we hid the eggs very well, or the boys weren't looking very hard because we had to help them find the eggs. Maicol never did find one of his. Guess it will show up sometime. The big kids came over for lunch and we had a good day.

Checking out the egg contents. We didn't really have much in the way of candy, so money ended up in the eggs. It's at least as popular as candy. :)

Andrew eating his peeps. He was the only one who asked for candy and what he really wanted was peeps. Not my favorite thing, but if you like marshmallows and sugar like Andrew does what could be better? He was on a sugar high for the afternoon!

An exciting thing for Andrew was a visit to urgent care for stitches. He and Juan Pablo were running toward the truck and he ran right into the edge of the open door. He had a good sized laceration and was the recipient of 5 sutures. I took them out yesterday. So now I think each of them have had some type of sutures, but no broken bones. I'll spare you the picture for this one. :)

I don't have a picture for this, but it is a milestone at our house. I have stopped rocking the boys before bed. Three and a half years ago when we brought them home I started rocking Andrew to get him to go to sleep at bedtime. With all the boys in the same bedroom it was trouble every night unless he or Juan Pablo were asleep when they went to bed. Andrew was the youngest and easiest to get to sleep by rocking, so that's what I did. Quickly the other two decided they wanted to be rocked too. It had been suggested to us that rocking them was a good thing to do, but I didn't start doing it for bonding and attachment reasons - it was for survival! :) But, as with anything we do with them - if you do it once they think it's a routine and want it to continue. So, for over 3 years I have rocked each of them before bed. Sometimes just for 5 minutes each, but nearly every night. Around Christmas it seemed like we were getting to bed later and it just got to be too late to rock and so we would just hug and kiss them and put them to bed. There was a little fuss about it, but not much. In the past if there was no rocking there was much complaining and attitude. So, we have just let it gradually stop. Dan still reads a book to them alot of nights, but no rocking. I guess that "need" has finally been met. Wow, that was alot of rocking! But, it was something I loved doing with our biological children and even tho these kids were older it was still time I treasured getting to spend with each of them. But, soon there will be grandchildren to rock and so the rocking chair will be put to use again.

Spring is here and that puts us outside to play. We have been jumping on the trampoline and playing baseball. Maicol has been getting some of the neighborhood kids to come over and play a version of baseball. With our three and 2 or 3 others they make two teams and play. Dan and I were saying it's a little like the movie Sandlot. Only there is no "good" player - just Maicol who thinks he knows everything. :) They have fun.

Life just continues to fly by. School gets done everyday. They are learning and growing. And so are we. Until next time....