Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Holidays are Over :(

Tomorrow we are going to give up the "holiday" life and schedule and get back to school. We had a great time at my Mom's for our Christmas trip the week after Christmas. It was alot of fun to have all of the cousins together. They got along very well and had a good time. We took a picture of all of them on the same couch and in the same order as last year. Obviously mine are still the cutest! :)

We went to a state park last week for a couple of days. They have an indoor water park area, which was the main reason we went to that particular park. There was a big slide, small lazy river ride, splash area and a regular pool with a basketball goal and volleyball net. Plus they have a hot tub! It was fun to swim inside and watch the snow outside. We hope to go to another park in February - assuming attitudes are improved.

Enough snow has finally arrived to go sledding. Dan took the boys yesterday and I took them today. Andrew was complaining about his feet being cold, so today I spent most of the time sitting in the car with him so the other boys could sled and work on learning to ride their snowboards. Maicol is able to stand up all the way down the hill and Juan Pablo is able to squat down and make it down without falling over.


Oh boy, clothes for Christmas!
All of the grandchildren on my side of the family. Note the lack of girls!

Maicol and Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo


The boys.